Daf Frame Drum
The Ultimate
Iranian Frame Drum

$150.00 for a two-drum set

This set of frame drums consists of a full-sized Daf, which is a large Middle Eastern frame drum used in popular and classical Persian music. The frame is made of hardwood with many metal ringlets attached, and traditionally the drum head is sheep or goatskin. The set also includes a smaller, quieter Dayereh.

Both drums are designed by Mehrdad Arabifard and are made of modern materials, which are little affected by temperature or humidity. This is a great improvement over the traditional design using skin heads, because skin heads sound good only in a narrow range of humidity: when it gets too humid they become slack and their tone is muffled. Or if it becomes too dry, they become too bright and high-pitched. The modern design is also lighter weight, allowing the performer to play longer before tiring.

Mehrdad was very careful to design the drums so they would sound as good as a traditional drum at its best, when the humidity was just right, but unlike a traditional drum they continue to sound good over the full humidity range from desert-air dry to rain-forest wetness.

The smaller Dayereh is a lighter and quieter frame drum with the sound quality & grip thickness of the full-sized Daf. It is useful for practicing at home, especially if loud noises would annoy the neighbors.

$150.00 for a two-drum set